Ach. Brito

Ach. Brito, the most prestigious soap in Portugal with more than 133 years of history 


Ach Brito soap bars are vegetarian and vegan products, 100% made from plants. Over 130 years  of tradition and experience, recognised by the quality and beauty of its products. The company wishes to continue forwarding Portugal’s name while recovering its historical past and sharing it with the world. Eagerly living sensations and emotions that can only be provided by authentic, genuine, handcrafted aromatic products.

With the moto preserving the past, stimulating the present and challenging the future Ach brito differentiates itself through several decades of experience and romantic visions that are instilled with its extraordinary products, unique in the world and considered objects of art and design.

In 1887 when soaps and perfumes were only available for the rich classes Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder established in Oporto the first Soap & Perfume factory and several soap and perfume lines were released to the market. The high quality of the products gradually became part of the habits of the Portuguese.


The products were of such quality that in 1908 the company was awarded with King Dom Manuel II visit, who procured special soap lines for the palace.

In 1914, due to Germany’s involvement in the first world war the founders were forced to abandon the company which was acquired by the former manager Achilles de Brito. Under the new name, Ach Brito, the company rose to win several golden medals in International and Industrial European and USA fairs. 

In 1953, Ach Brito moved the packaging and labelling in-house. Ach Brito now owns the entire production process from manufacturing to package and labelling. The company decides to invest in several premium designs of hand-painted product labels. Such drawings and vintage designs are still kept in today’s products.

In 1994 under the management of the 4th generation of the Brito family, the company drives its internationalization by:

  • Leveraging the years of know-how in creating high-quality products and always following traditional methods and recipes
  • Retrieving outstanding vintage design from the creative archives and use it in labels and packaging
  • Utilizing its history, awards and previous connection to the King of Portugal to solidify their presence in the luxury market

In recent years Ach Brito has gotten several awards and recognitions and will continue to do so. Oprah Winfrey chose Ach Brito for her favorite things episode in 2007. She described it as gorgeous and magnificently scented bathing essentials. More than being a bath essence, she also recommended it as a great alternative for hostess gifts. Furthermore, in 2019 they win the architecture Masterprize in retail category with their first international store in Nolita, NY, a design by Tacklebox Architecture.