Costa Verde

Premium porcelain company based in Aveiro, Portugal with a purpose and a mission: to be innovative, proactive and flexible in the creation of products and services that surpass expectation

Durability with Beauty

Porcelain is resistant to chemical attack by detergents or food and to mechanical attack caused by the use of cutlery. Decorations are achieved by the application of decals or by enamel spraying onto glazed pieces which are then fired for a third time to 1,250ºC. This high firing is called ‘in glaze’ as the decorations and enamel sink into the glaze rather than sit on the surface which achieves a high level of resistance and durability. All these rigorous and complex stages of production ensure A sense that Costa Verde porcelain is both beautiful and durable.

A sense of sustainability

Costa Verde. More than just a name, rather a beacon guiding our path towards the Green Economy. Costa Verde comply with all the legally imposed requirements and have been certified since 2003 by the environmental management system ISO 14001

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