Our Story

MiMo is a brand that introduces a collection of heritage and sustainable products from Portugal. The project was born out of love of two founders from the opposite sides of the Eurasian continent; one from the far west, Portugal and the other from the far east, Korea. MiMo means ‘a small gift with love’ in Portuguese and ‘beauty’ in Korean. Our hope is to bring an affectionate gift from Portugal that blossoms beautiful experiences in Asia. We are currently introducing traditional and trendy soap bars as part of the zero-plastic movement, encouraging people to use bar soaps instead of liquid soaps with plastic packaging. Enjoy the royal soaps from Ach.Brito and Confiança, the traditional soap makers with 133 years of history who provided bath products for the kings and queens of Portugal. Experience the benefits of donkey milk on your skin and contribute to saving the endangered animals through Tomelo, a social enterprise supported by European Union, who makes soaps using Miranda donkey milk to protect the endangered animals in the North of Portugal.