Why Mimo?

MiMo Gift Box

Perfect gift of sustainable & heritage products from Portugal in a luxurious package

  • Sustainable & Heritage products from Portugal in a luxurious box - Products are unique, packaging is all prepared in a delicate manner. A perfect gift idea for the special moments to loved ones.
  • Using Bar soap to protect the earth - Using ‘Bar soap’ as a substitute for liquid soaps (e.g., foam cleaner for face, body wash gel) can help environment by reducing plastic used for liquid soaps’ container


My Secret Garden Soaps

Enjoy 100% vegetable based soap, with more than 133 years of history who provided the products for queens and kings of Portugal

  • Products are from Ach.Brito, a traditional soapmaker from Portugal with more than 133 years of history with know-hows. They provided the soaps for the king and queen of Portugal.
  • Recently, the products were featured in <Monocle> magazine and Oprah Winfrey is known to use & love Ach.Brito’s soaps.
  • Product Benefits
    • 100% vegetable based soaps - great for Vegan/Vegetarian people too
    • Long-lasting scents and unique fabrication process that maintains the soap shape until the last tiny piece
    • Each soaps contain the ingredients and scents of each vegetable/fruit
      • Tomato - Tomatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin C. It helps your skin rejuvenate and protects from sun damage
      • Carrot - Carrots are beta-carotene, vitamin E and C rich, which provide your skin with nourishment and hydration. Carrot helps your skin look brighter and improves elasticity.
      • Lemon - Lemon is high in vitamin C and can help rejuvenate your skin after the sun, removing rashes and irritation
      • Eggplant - The properties in eggplant can help moisturize the skin, preventing it from being dry and aging. With high vitamin C and phytonutrients, eggplant contributes to smoother skin and is often used for spa treatments
      • Pear - Pear is known for reducing wrinkles and age spots. Pears have vitamin A and nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein that help keep the skin youthful. 
      • Coconut - Coconuts have Lauric and Caprylic acids that help reduce inflammation and even out the uneven skin tone. 



Tomelo Donkey Milk 

Enjoy the full benefits of donkey milk, Queen Cleopatra’s secret of her perfect skin, and contribute to protecting the endangered animals 

    • Buying Tomelo soap is directly contributing to preserving and endangered animal species, the miranda donkey. The profits of Tomelo are used to feed 11 donkeys in Tomelo farm, procure more donkeys and protect other endangered species in the area.
    • Tomelo is a social entrepreneurship made by 2 nature scientists (Barbara & Jose) and they are funded by European Union. The mission of the company is to preserve and help endangered species (the miranda donkey) living in the north part of Portugal, by creating a sustainable business (making a soap out of donkey’s milk and market it). 
    • Product Benefits (Donkey Milk Soap)
  • Queen Cleopatra loved donkey milk soaps and enjoyed bath every day
        • More than 2,100 years ago, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt was aware of its beneficial effects and used soaps made up of donkey milk for toning, moisturizing and rejuvenating her face and body. An anecdote says that she carried the soaps even when she travels.
      • Donkey’s milk contains vitamins, proteins and acids. It does not cause irritation as donkey milk has the closest PH level to a human's skin and is full of proteins. 
      • It helps the production of collagen and its antioxidant properties promote cell regeneration and delay the aging process of skin
      • It is great for acne, inflammation, dry and damaged skin