The Portuguese Symbols. Ouro (Gold), Fado (Fado), Galo (Rooster), Mar (Sea), Azulejo (Tiles) & Popular (Popular Festivities)
Portugese Symbols
Portugese Symbols

Portugese Symbols

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Simbolos Lusitanos soaps, a collection that celebrate's portuguese iconography, in a elegant white and golden gift box

Ouro (Gold) - Exquisite and enveloping, it’s a fragrance composed of rockrose and chamomile notes, with a touch of cedar wood and the exuberance of vetiver.

Azulejo (Tiles) - Soft and country-like, this delicate fragrance has honey and rosemary notes, and is enriched with the freshness of mint and lemon leaves.

Mar (Sea) - Bold and peaceful, this relaxing fragrance is made up of seaweed and sea breezes, enriched with salt flower, balanced by sweetness of aquatic lily.

Popular (Communal Festivities) - Invigorating and purifying, this refreshing fragrance is composed of basil and pine notes, and enriched with the woody and welcoming touch of cypress.

Galo (Rooster) - This refreshing and vivacious fragrance is composed of thyme and orange notes, enriched by the sweetness of sunflower in sharp contrast with olive wood.

Fado (No translation) - Harmonious and delicate, this pleasant fragrance is composed of lavender and jasmine notes, enriched with bergamot notes and a blend of different types of lavender.